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BAND-IT Tools Index
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Hand Tools

BAND-IT® Tool  C001

Heavy Duty BAND-IT® Tool  C003

Giant Tool  G402

Bantam Tool  C075

 BAND-IT® Tool  C00189 

Heavy Duty BAND-IT® Tool  C00399 

Giant Tool  G40299 

Bantam Tool  C07599 

Ratchet Tool  C400

Bantam Strapping Tool  C085

Pok-It II Tool  J020

Thriftool®   J07599

Ratchet Tool  C40099 

Bantam Strapping Tool  C08599 

Pok-It II Tool  J02099 

  Thriftool®   J07599 

Centre Punch Tool  T300

Centre Punch Tool  S03869

Jr.® Hand Tool  C002

Q -Tool  Q72099

Centre Punch Tool  T30099 

Centre Punch Tool  S03869 

Jr.® Hand Tool  C00299 

Q -Tool  Q72099 

 Tie-Lok® Tool  TL3800

Tie-Lok® II Tool  A92079

Mini Tie-Lok® II Tool  A91079

Ultra-Lok® Tool  A940

Tie-Lok® Tool  TL3800

Tie-Lok® II Tool  A92079 

Mini Tie-Lok® II Tool  A91079

Ultra-Lok® Tool  A94099

Ball-Lok Tool  K50289

Multi-Lok Tool  M50389


Cable Tie Tensioner  AE2009

Ball-Lok Tool  K50289

Multi-Lok Tool  M50389


Cable Tie Tensioner  AE2009

 Tensioning Hook  AE2018


XE9229 Tensioning Tool



Tensioning Hook  AE2018

KE9229 Tensioning Tool

Power Tools

IT Series Tools

 Standard Air Tool  S75099

Automatic Air Tool  S35099

Pneumatic Centre Punch Tool  SM1700

IT Series Tools

Standard Air Tool  S75099

Automatic Air Tool  S35099

Pneumatic Centre Punch Tool  SM1700

Ultra-Lok® Tool UL4000-C

Ultra-Lok® Tool  UL9010



Ultra-Lok® Tool UL4000-C220

Ultra-Lok® Tool  UL9010  

Imprinting Tools

ID Tag Imprinter  ID200 Series

Tape Embosser  ID4002

ID Tag Imprinter  ID200 Series

Tape Embosser  ID4002

Tool Accessories



Jr.® Adapter  J001  (Use with C001)

      Heavy Duty Jr.® Adapter  J050


Jr.® Adapter  J00199   (Use with C001)

Heavy Duty Jr.® Adapter  J05099  (Use with C001)

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